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Manufacturing Process

Success is the result of hard work and this saying is well reflected in the manufacturing procedure that we follow. The manufacturing process followed by us is such that every step is given it's due importance so that the end result is good and well appreciated.


Here is a look at the step by step Manufacturing process:


  • First, we purchase premium quality original leather from the market
  • The leather is washed with water and other chemicals
  • The leather is cut according to desired shapes (bags, wallets, coin pouches etc.)
  • The impression of the artwork, motifs and designs are drawn on the pre-cut leather pieces.
  • Now, the pieces are given colors by using handmade colors and these are fast colors
  • After coloring the leather pieces are stitched together to give the right shape to the products
  • The products are kept in the sunlight
  • Lacquering is done for fixing the colors and to bring shine to the product
  • Now the manufacturing process is done and tagging starts and fixing the bar codes on the product
  • Last but not the least the products are properly packed and made ready for shipment